Consummate Professional

We began working with Steven Ritz prior to Thanksgiving in 2015. His willingness to let us participate in the management of our own home search was important to us. We did not want a realtor telling us what we needed or trying to control or manipulate our thought processes. We were in a unique position of not having to make a decision in a hurry, albeit we were not thrilled with the delay of gratification that occurred month after month! We promised ourselves we would not settle, and this caused Steven to often times be left scratching his head…what do these people REALLY want? His patience and willingness to investigate a property, no matter whether he agreed with whether it was worth the effort, was what impressed us time and time again. Because of our schedules, we would often call Steven at the last minute and he would make certain we were taken care of, even if he couldn’t be the one to take us to see a property…but in most cases he was the one who did just that. All the way to the closing table, Steven was the consummate professional who saw to it that we got just the home we wanted, and the details involved in those last few days prior to the closing, were dealt with by Steven and his support staff in a manner that left us with a feeling of security and comfort that all would be well! Patience and tolerance are admirable qualities in anyone, and Steven Ritz exemplifies them beautifully. We highly recommend Steven Ritz of Abode to anyone seeking to purchase a home, and should we ever move again, we would not think about contacting anyone other than ABODE to list our home!

— Elayne